Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motherhood will make you piss yourself

So the baby (9.5 months) has been sick with a high fever. When she is sick all she wants is to be held by Mom, nothing and nobody but Mom. This results in me holding her for hours on end at night while not getting any sleep. She has been sick for four days when the fever finally broke. Which is a good thing because I was beyond exhausted at this point. We wanted to give her a day before sending her back to daycare just to be sure she was better so off to the grandparents she went. They offered, very kindly, to watch her overnight.

Oh sleep, blessed sleep, all I could think about all day was how well I was going to sleep. And sleep I did! I had that, don't remember my head hitting the pillow, kind of deep deep sleep. Which was awesome.

When I woke up this morning there was something cold and wet in my bed. I jumped out and realized that the cold wet thing was my butt. Apparently I was so exhausted that I did not wake up to pee.

I, a grown, fully potty trained, completely sober, adult wet the bed. In all my years of rowdy drinking and passing out I have never not made it to the bathroom. When I was nine months pregnant and peeing every three seconds I still never had accident. I am pretty sure I didn't have any as a child either.

But now, as a mother, I can apparently get so tired and run-down that I will pass out and not wake up to use the bathroom.

Motherhood, it will make you pee your pants.

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