Monday, August 8, 2011

Saris, spanx, and lab coats

We went to an Indian wedding this Sunday and I was in shiny heaven. All those beautiful colorful saris with all kinds of rhinestones, gold, and shiny on them. It was so pretty to behold.
What was really impressive to me was how comfortable the outfits looked. I have seen saris before but there was something about seeing 100 different kinds of saris all at once that left an impression on me. Saris do not appear to be clothing that requires one to wear torture devices underneath, like spanx. I think if a dress is so unflattering that even super-fit thin people need to wear "flesh compression devices" underneath, then this is some badly designed shit, isn't it?

Side note: I just went to the spanx website and WTF is up with this shit for pregnant women??? 

Are you fucking kidding me! Ugh.

Anyway, all this shiny has made me look seriously into buying a bedazzler for my lab coat. Not sure what will happen to the dazzles once my lab coat is professionally laundered but if I go through with it you can be sure I will be posting pictures!

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  1. I love spanx..But I do love how women who wear Saris let their tummies show & jiggle. I love ANY culture that celebrates the fat roll.