Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am being tortured

We went on our first family vacation this past weekend to a little city on the coast. It was supposed to be beautiful and fun and relaxing. We were interested to see how the mini-me was going to do in the car for 3+ hours. She was a champ! The rented house was beautiful, everything was perfect, until that night when the mini-me spiked a fever. When the mini-me is sick she wants nothing and no one else besides her mom and her boob. So since Friday night I have been rocking and nursing one sick baby who refuses to sleep any other way. The result is that the mini-me is getting better and I am in some state of sleep deprived insanity that five cups of coffee can't even make a dent in. This has got to end soon, hopefully without me getting sick or accidentally tripping and killing one of our cats.

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