Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Towing

This morning the mini-me and I rode our bikes into work. Well, I biked and the mini-me sat happily in her trailer and was towed. She didn't seem to mind the helmet or the bike trailer much. I could hear her babbling to herself as I biked. It was really nice to get a smidge of exercise in my day and I am super happy that she seems to be taking to it so well. Now we can bike all over town and not be so tied to the car or stroller. Walking for some reason has always been kind of annoying to me. Such an inefficient method of getting from point A to point B, plus in 90+ degree weather biking is so much more tolerable then walking.

The mini-me's helmet is pink because her grandmother bought it for her and it is against the rules of grandmotherdom to purchase anything for your granddaughter that is not pink. Since my baby has a gigantic head like her father when I put the helmet on she kind of looks like this...

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